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Algebra II - Polynomials


Even and Odd Functions

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials from 15-2

Homework: pg 253(8-13)

Continue 15-2 with Mult and Div Polynomials
Do 15-3

Review for Test on Friday.

Review is worth +12
Covers the following:

  • Key Features of Quadratics (Vertex, x-int,
  • y-int, axis of symmetry, graph)
  • Solving Systems on Nonlinear Functions(set
  • the problems = and solve, then plug back in.) Solve algebraically and check graphically.
  • Polynomial Basics (Terms, Degree, End
  • behavior, Is it a polynomial?, leading
  • Add, Subt and Multiplying Polynomials.

Test over Solving non-linear systems, key features of quadratics, and all polynomial content so far.

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