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Pre-AP Algebra I Class Syllabus

Pre-AP Algebra I Class Syllabus 
TABS Instructor: Lisa Hamiter
 Email: lisa.hamiter@fwisd.org

Teacher Introduction:  Lisa Hamiter, 32nd year to teach math, B.S. Texas Wesleyan University, M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics from University of Texas at Arlington. 

Course Description: 

This class will challenge you to be the sharpest mathematical thinker you can be. We will be studying topics such as functional analysis and will be drawing relationships among the concepts studied. Additionally, career-related topics will be presented. A good balance of activities, practice, and re-teaching will be included in lessons to make sure students are learning the material. The purpose of this class is to prepare you for your End of Course Algebra 1 STAAR Exam that you must pass in order to graduate. We are going to learn how to become independent, critical thinkers. 
 1st Six-weeks
v  Unit 1: Equations, Inequalities
v  Unit 2: Functions
2nd Six-weeks
v  Unit 2: Functions
3rd Six-weeks
v  Unit 3: Extension of Linear Concepts
4th Six-weeks
v  Unit 4: Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials
5th Six-weeks
v  Unit 4: Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials
v  Unit 5: Quadratics
6th Six-weeks
v  Unit 6: Correlations and Regressions
v  STAAR Review

Classroom Expectations:
ü  Be in your assigned seat working on the “Bellringer” when the tardy bell rings.

ü  Bring materials to class. You will need your laptop every day. 

ü  Follow directions and stay focused.

ü  Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.

ü  Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the student handbook.
***Keep cellphones in a pocket, purse or backpack at all times except when asked by me to use it as an educational device. 
***You may bring water to class. 

    Discipline Procedures:

    1.Verbal Warning

    2.Hallway Behavior Sheet

    3.Parent Contact

    4.Office Referral

Materials Needed:
  •          Graphing Paper Notebook for note taking.
  •          Folder with pockets to keep notebook paper and graded material.
  •          Pencil
  •          Notebook paper
  •      Tape
  •      Kleenex
·       Grading Procedures:
Ø  30% Class Assignments/Notes/Participation/Homework
Ø  30% Quizzes
Ø  40% Tests/Projects

Absent Policy:
            If a student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to ask the teacher what was missed. The student has one day for each absence to turn in the make-up work.

Late Work Policy:
            If a paper is turned in late, the highest grade that can be made on that paper is a 70. Assignments cannot be turned in more than one day late.

Redo Assignments or Retake Test Policy:
Assignments may be corrected and resubmitted to receive a maximum of 70% possible credit. The assignment must be turned in the next class period after receiving it. However, a late assignment may not be resubmitted.
Assessments may be retaken to receive a maximum of 70% only after test corrections are submitted for any problem missed. The retest must be completed within one week after receiving the initial test. Test corrections must be done before taking the retest.

Springboard Login Information for Students: (Our textbook/curriculum)

You will see a Springboard link to the right in the helpful link sections. Click then do the following:

Username: Put your school ID
Password: fwisdttm

Note to Parents: Please sign up for parent portal to view grades. 

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