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Thursday, May 9th for Algebra I - Period 7

PERIOD 7 - Read and follow all directions. You will not want to ignore this!!!

All of today's work will count as a test grade to encourage you to work really hard. Please do all of the activities below before the end of the period.

1)You need to get to at least #14 to make a 100 for this part. If you do any challenge problems, they will count as extra points. ****This should only take half of the period: Marbleslide Desmos Activity

2) You will need to watch this video next. Copy the quadratic formula in your journal. I'll look for this when I come back. Click Here for the video.

3) Take notes on the problem in this next video. Put in your notes. Watch this video to see how quadratic formula works: Click Here for the video. 

4) Take notes on the problem in this video and put in your own notes. Watch this video now.

5) Last example. Watch and take notes. I will check to see if you have three problems done in your notes and this will count as 50% of the test grade for today. Click Here to watch.

Algebra II - Wednesday/Thursday's Work

Today is a review for the Test on Monday/Tuesday. We will check this on Friday. (if you aren't here Friday, you will still take the test on Monday. If you have questions about the review, email me this weekend.) All is due by Friday, but get as far as you can right now.

1. The sub should have the worksheets you've been working on with the 6 graphs unless you kept yours. Ask her to look in the yellow sub folder. If she doesn't have it, offer to go get it in the office. Here's a copy if you don't have one. Finish the 6 problems we've been working on. Be sure you know how to find all of the things on that paper!!! Tape this into your journal. When graphing, draw the asymptotes on the graphs with a dotted line made by a highlighter!  IF you struggle with this paper, see notes below.

VA: set factored denominator = to 0. Use only the factors that don't cancel out. 
SA: Watch the Slant Asymptote video from a couple of classes ago!!! If you do not know how to do long division, find a video on long division with polynomials. 
Holes: If something cancels in the numerator with something in the denominator. Set it equal to 0 and that is where a hole is.
x-intercept: set factored numerator = to 0. Use only the factors that don't cancel out.
y-intercept: let x = 0 and simplify.
Domain: everything except the x's in the asymptotes and holes
Range: everything except the y's in the asymptotes and holes

2. Watch this video to understand what removable discontinuity is. Click Here to watch the video
Take notes in your journal. Explain what removable discontinuity is.

3. You will enter a quizziz review. Put your normal name in, so I can check to see if you did this part of this assignment. Use this code to do a quizziz review: 205627 Click here to go to the quizziz site. 

Thursday, Geometry Period 4

This is a review for a test that you will have on MONDAY!!! Bring this in finished on Monday. Put all of your answers in your journal. You may use the calculator on your computer or phone. There are three different sections, so do all three!!!!

Surface Area: Do any 4 problems out of the 6 problem on the next sheet. 

Next, go online to find out what Cavalieri's Principle says, then answer the following question in your journal!

 Now answer the following question. You have to find both volumes, then subtract to find the difference.