Lesson Plans for each Week are on the sidebar.

The end of the 2nd 6 Weeks is next Week!

Geometry - Practice Sheet 2 due Monday! Project Due this Friday!!!
Algebra 2 - Practice Sheet 3 Due Monday/Tuesday. Quiz on Tuesday!
Algebra I - Practice Sheet 3 Due Tuesday with your homework!

ADVISORY on Thursday!!!

Click the Grade Prediction Link on the right.⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨

It will pull up a page where you need to click a another link. You will then click "make a copy". Plug in your grades for the first six weeks, then play around with the other six weeks and the final exam to see how it affects your grade. This will be saved in your google drive and you can return to plug in your 2nd 6 weeks grades later!✓✓✓✓✓✓

Lesson Plan for Alg 2 for Thursday

Algebra II - Period 9 & 10

  • Did you do your homework? It was page 70(18 & 19). This is supposed to be in your journal. Finish this first before doing the next thing!
  • Go to page 73 in Springboard. Turn on the "show teacher highlights." Follow my directions on the sticky notes that I have placed on those pages. Stop at 12F.
  • Work on the practice sheet and/or the piecewise graph when you are finished.