Lesson Plans for each Week are on the sidebar.

For Periods 9 & 10 - Tuesday Jan 15

Today you will continue with "Key Features of Quadratics!" (Title of your journal page.)

Go to page 200 on Springboard. Copy all of example A in your notes. 

Next try the Try These A problem a. Work that problem in your notes. You can check your problem by going to the calendar in the sidebar. The problem is worked out under the calendar. 

Now do b and d in your notes. You can check your answers again, under the calendar. 

Homework that is due by Thursday is under the answer keys of the problems you are checking. There are three problems to work. Put them on a separate sheet of paper. If you finish before you leave, give it to the sub. 

Algebra I - Work for Tuesday - 7th Period ONLY

You will need to get a calculator and watch this video. Stop and start the video as you need to. Follow all the steps and rewatch the video as needed! When you are finished, do this from the packet that the sub gave you: Pg 196 (15-21 You will create the scatterplot on your calculator and find the line of best fit to answer all of these questions!) and 198 (Read the paragraph above #6, then do 6 -14) Turn this in before you leave whether you are finished or not. I'm grading based on EFFORT!!!

For homework, I would like you to do the flipgrid activity that is below this video! 

WATCH the video! You can use earbuds or just turn the volume down and turn the closed caption on!

You will need to click "login with microsoft" and use your student email from FWISD!

For Friday, January 11th

2019 Goal Setting

Today you will be setting goals for the this semester. Click the link above after you have read the rest of this page.  

****After the goal setting sheet, see what your class needs to do:

Per 1 & 2: Finish the pythagorean theorem page from Wednesday and turn in. Also finish the other paper (both sides). If you don't finish, it's homework.

Per 5, 9 & 10: Turn in the homework. Do lesson 12-2 in Springboard (online). It is a continuation of the work from last time. Get as far as possible!

Per 7: Do the worksheet that the sub has for you. It is due today.